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  • ZAM Steel Coils Zn-Al-Mg
ZAM Steel Coils Zn-Al-Mg

ZAM Steel Coils Zn-Al-Mg

  • Product No.:zam-1
  • Price:FOB CFR CIF
  • Zam:80
  • size:0.23*900
  • Coil weight: 3MT-5MT
  • Terms of Payment: T/T, BL at sight
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Zn-Al-Mg is a new type of highly corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet with a coating composition consisting of zinc as the main substrate in combination with aluminum (about 11%), magnesium (about 3%) and a trace amount of silicon.Adding Al, Mg, and Si to it, the composite effect of these added elements improves corrosion resistance.Compared with hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and hot-dip galvanized-5% aluminium alloy steel sheet, it has less adhesion but equal corrosion resistance. In addition, it can be used instead of stainless steel or aluminium sheet because of its excellent red rust resistance.

Usage: PV stent, cable briage, automobile, steel stud, roof keel, container, etc


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